As per Gartner, three themes – Intelligent, digital and mesh are shaping up the top 10 technology trends for coming years. Applied artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning will change the interface of our applications. There will be real time interaction with the interface, making it conversational.

At ICT Group, we build Intelligent Enterprise Apps for B2E, B2B, B2C clients. We focus on addressing key user activities:

  • Reform – Understand and translate activities that user should not need not be working on.
  • Assist – Activities that user requires assistance with.
  • Transform – Things that need to be done differently.
  • Educate – Inform and educate the user of things he may not be aware of.

This exercise allows us to deliver intelligent platforms that connect Chatbots, AI, Automation and Cognitive Services to our clients. Especially our Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are equipped with machine learning, connecting clients with their consumers in more meaningful and human-like interations.






We have provided cutting-edge IT solutions to an extensive range of private and public sector organizations. Each new project comes with its challenges. We like to embrace the opportunities that digital technology presents to find solutions to those challenges so that our clients can thrive in new business environments.

We’ve helped various oraganizations to achieve better business outcomes through communication and technology. Get in touch to know more!