ICT Group Company Profile


ICT GROUP is a growing organization of experienced IT professionals. Our goal is to be leading ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) service provider across the mid-market to enterprise level companies.

Our sales and account management team works closely with customers and vendors to deliver solutions on time and on budget. This has allowed us to build long-term relationships and achieve high customer satisfaction ratings. With the recent addition of new digital products like Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence, we plan to work on large-scale digital transformation projects.


ICT Group are focussed on building long term business relationships. We want to see our customers grow and achieve their strategic goals. Our technical expertise and industry knowledge allow us to design IT solutions that marry up with business outcomes and are backed by competence and experience.

We are Telstra Business partners and have built a good connections within Telstra Account teams and operational teams. We have a symbiotic relationship and are your friendly, responsive, interface into Telstra.

Our experienced Sales and Technical teams will aim to get to know your business and understand your requirements deeply. Due to the ever-changing nature of IT and more complex IT solutions we are able to help you navigate to the best overall solution that is holistic to your business.

Our sales approach is consultative and commercially focused. We are not pushing products, we are here to add value. Our sales team have technical experienced and are measured on customer satisfaction as well as commercial targets.


  1. Telstra products – specialisations

ICT Group have capabilities across the range of Telstra products. Our particular strengths are in moving companies to the cloud and carefully planning and managing the workloads to ensure the process works for the company, is the appropriate option, and at the pace that suits.
All companies have different requirements and we take every effort to ensure our products suit our customers’ needs. Our advantage is we are able to treat each customer uniquely.
ICT Group are specialists in Managed IT operations. It is becoming more common for companies to outsource some (or all) of their IT work in today’s world of specialisations and increasing demands on IT departments. It can be highly cost effective to allow ICT Group to manage the day-to-day operations and simple level-one tasks of IT, freeing up time for IT staff to be strategic, and to work on higher level IT Tasks.

ICT Group have a number of Cisco certified staff including certifications with most leading vendors and IT brands such as VMWare, HP, Microsoft. Our experience is broad and deep.


  1. Data – Voice – Mobiles

ICT group have implemented large data WANs with Telstra networks over many years, we also have the backing of Telstra where required, to not only quality check the system design but the implementation and ongoing management. The lower risk option is that you are not only choosing ICT Group but you are also choosing Telstra products that are backed by the Telstra support team.

ICT Group are very experienced in Voice PABX systems both hardware for on premises but also cloud based solutions – Cisco, LG Ericsson, Telstra IP Telephony. We can help you decide on the best solution for your business which in some cases is an on-premises solution or a fully managed hosted solution from Telstra.

Customers are tending to choose solutions that involve using data links (SIP) rather than an older style copper analogue lines for their voice solution. Once again ICT Group can assist in helping you choose the most appropriate voice technology for your business.

For you mobile fleet, ICT Group can set up, manage and monitor your Mobile fleet for you. Telstra has the best network for coverage and many customers find it is the best for reliability and data speeds.





We have provided cutting-edge IT solutions to an extensive range of private and public sector organizations. Each new project comes with its challenges. We like to embrace the opportunities that digital technology presents to find solutions to those challenges so that our clients can thrive in new business environments.

We’ve helped various oraganizations to achieve better business outcomes through communication and technology. Get in touch to know more!