With growing Internet-user base across the world, digital marketing is bound to become borderless, most cost-efficient and powerful marketing platform.

If you are thinking:

  • How do I make my business rank higher on Google Search?
  • How can I reach my audience online and convert them into customers?
  • What are the techniques to increase site traffic and increase my online sale?

If you are looking for answers to similar questions, we can help you design digital marketing campaigns based on your short-term and long-term marketing goals. Our methodology will help you find the right audience, convert them into leads and leads to customers, making it highly effective.

In order to achieve this, we believe in taking an integrated approach:

  • SEO Solutions– Focus on keywords that matter to your customers, relate to the search volumes and work with best practices laid out by Google and Bing. We aim to increase organic search traffic that flows to your website by targeting the keywords that your customers are searching for and competitors are currently ranking.
  • SEM Solutions– In addition to organic listings, PPC advertising has the capacity to deliver immediate and targeted results for your ecommerce business. It is highly effective to build a brand presence in an extremely crowded online space.
  • Insights and Analytics– Mining and analyzing marketing related data and devising marketing strategies that maximize your marketing ROI and minimize wasted marketing dollars.
  • Email Marketing and direct mailing: Reach out to your audience with offers that they cannot resist. Email marketing is one of the strongest action drivers with the highest leads to conversion rate. With advanced email marketing automation tools bow you can measure the steps in your customer’s lead cycle and communicate with purpose.
  • Location based marketing: Building your strategy based on the location will substantially increase your lead quality. We work closely with you to utilize proximity marketing to distribute your marketing messages within targeted areas, towards specific groups and on particular devices to improve your chances of conversion.
By implementing sophisticated digital marketing campaigns in addition to your current marketing strategy and tactics, you will gather information about your prospects and customers and guide your online activities, promote your brand and increase customer loyalty, ultimately boosting your sales.


Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL) is a national organization with presence all over Australia. The key purpose of RSL is to provide camaraderie and support to returning soldiers since World War 1. They have a network of more than 600 clubs across all the states.

ICT Group has undertaken the project of building a mobile app for selected group of RSL Clubs. This novel offering will allow the clubs to always stay connected with their mobile visitors. Using SMS, email and app notification, the app will constantly provide updates to the members. Extending it’s capabilities, the app allows E-commerce integration, rich media streaming and social networking, through a single point itself.

This prototype can be deployed as a Mobile APP across Service Industry. We are building this as a product, which can rapidly implemented with minor modifications across RSLs and Clubs.






We have provided cutting-edge IT solutions to an extensive range of private and public sector organizations. Each new project comes with its challenges. We like to embrace the opportunities that digital technology presents to find solutions to those challenges so that our clients can thrive in new business environments.

We’ve helped various oraganizations to achieve better business outcomes through communication and technology. Get in touch to know more!