In this new digital era where technology has taken us by storm, Chatbots are redefining ‘Online Consumer Experience’ on web and mobile.
Bots have evolved from being ‘Transactional’ (Q&A and FAQ, IT Support) to providing ‘Assistance’ (IT Support) to taking ‘Decisions’ on the job. Between the two main kinds of Bots – Rule Bot and Artificial Intelligence Bot, AI Bots are gaining higher acceptance because of their ability to learn and deliver a real customer experience.
Organizations and businesses need to strategize and plan for Chatbots in order to improve the quality of their interactions with customers and also stay ahead of the competitions.

Key benefits of Chatbots are:

  1. Access Anywhere: Users can connect with your Chatbot anytime anywhere, using any device.
  2. Increased Adoption: The user-friendly interface and human-like interaction increase the chances for more meaningful interactions.
  3. Personalized: As the Bot knows whom it is talking to, user specific content can be generated and conversations can be made personalized.
  4. Low Development Cost: Using Web services, Bots can be implemented across platforms, eliminating the cost for developing additional apps.
  5. Less Maintenance: Bots can be upgraded without any installation required on User’s device, usually with zero or no downtime.
  6. Self Learning: One of the most significant feature of the Bot is machine learning that allows it to become smarter and self equipped with less human intervention.





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