Digital Business Solutions


A strategic digital plan that leverages new technologies like MS Office 365, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security protection can greatly reduce the stress on operations, and save on IT costs. This in turn translates into enhanced customer experience, smooth supply delivery chain and risk management for any organization.
For any successful business, their single biggest investments are made in human resources, inventory and assets – and that’s exactly what Cloud ERP manages. Cloud HCM also provides a platform for identifying, hiring and retaining your human capital whilst facilitating collaboration within teams, and improving operational efficiencies. At ICTechnology, we help our clients understand that moving to cloud is simple, smooth and effective without any downtime. Embrace our Cloud solutions and lower your infrastructure and IT costs by sharing and paying for services that are secure, expandable and highly reliable at all times.

How are you currently managing your data?

Our CRM systems collect, collate, organize and link information about the customer together with the overall goal of facilitating the creation of more leads, converting more leads into customers and retaining those customers you have for the long term, all in a single place.

Not only does this create deep understanding of your customer’s profile but also gives opportunities for the improvement in the relationship between the business and the customer.

Other key advantages of utilizing a CRM system include:

  • Allows teams to work collaboratively via one program
  • Transforms data into customer insights and recommended actions – this also allows for more personal, relevant and consistent communications
  • Allows for more efficient and automated systems to be created improving your business operations
  • Reduces the reliance on, and cost involved with, repetitive and laborious manual tasks (such as data entry or email responses).

Digital innovations have dramatically reduced supply chain expenses by lowering the time to market gap, fulfilling customer request on time, as satisfied and maintaining complete control during the entire delivery process. At ICTechnology, our tech enablers in the field of supply chain will help you digitize your entire cycle in no time.

Benefits of digitizing your supply chain solution:

  • Self-service options regularly being created and upgraded and reducing supply chain expenses
  • The utilization of websites and mobile apps to reduce costs and increase convenience for customers
  • Just in time inventory models that have revolutionized the process of ordering, moving and storing physical goods with products now being made as they are ordered rather than pre-made and warehoused
  • E-invoicing and E-billing solutions allow for the systemized processing, delivery and archiving of all electronic invoices and bills. This makes it easier for your customers to do business with you via their preferred method whilst you reap the benefits of cost savings
  • Lower or no rental costs (and the reduction of other fixed costs) for ‘e-tailers’ as opposed to the costs associated with being a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailer
  • Retailers sourcing the same products for less by purchasing from cheaper locations using credible online applications such as