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iCT Group delivers the most advanced technologies and business solutions to meet the demands of our clients. We can design bespoke ICT solutions to support businesses as they operate in a changing world.


    The iCT Group Difference

    Building Better ICT Solutions for Your Business

    Emile Nader

    Emile Nader

    Lightning-fast changes in technology require equally fast responses. Failing to keep up is not an option in our fast-paced business world and can lead to significant losses.

    That is why iCT Group is here. We partner with companies of all sizes across various industries to provide information and communication technology solutions. When you work with us, you gain a team of partners committed to excellence. We are strategists, innovators, and leaders in the world of information and communication technologies, and we are here to help your business succeed.


    A Range of Customised Services

    iCT Group believes we should work with every client as if they are the only client. We offer many services geared towards optimising your business and our focus is on consistently improving your growth.

    We can review your company’s data and recommend services to help you flourish, no matter your niche. Our wide range of ICT services can be scaled to fit the needs of your growing company. We understand that changes are tricky, so our team is happy to assist you and your employees as you adjust to system improvements.

    Moving to cloud-based services continues to be a popular choice for many growing businesses. With the agility of the cloud comes inherent risks common to on-site networks. iCT Group offers cloud-managed solutions to mitigate risks. Our team can create state-of-the-art network security for a fraction of the cost of the typical on-site security services.

    There are considerable changes afoot in the field of wide area networking (WAN). The galloping innovation is redefining the market. Software-Defined networking systems (SD-WANs) are taking the world by storm. We are helping our clients to simplify their complex, unsecured and device-centric networks by affording them superior performance at lower costs. With our solutions, the days of managing complex, expensive networks are coming to an end. New site deployments can now be delivered in a fraction of the time.

    Putting all of your communications together on the cloud with Microsoft 365 is an excellent plan for many companies. iCT Group thoroughly understands the importance of communications systems all working seamlessly. We offer support for apps and desktops. Additionally, iCT Group provides your business with comprehensive support and regular maintenance.

    There is no denying that mobile is the favoured way of communicating and finding information. iCT Group knows your ability to handle the challenges of mobile services is vital to your success. We have over a decade of experience in providing mobility solutions. This includes signal boosting, MPLS, internet, mobile device management, tracking and security. We will manage your mobile device or fleet of devices and offer you the security of knowing we have you covered.

    When data breaches are common and hackers have disturbingly honed skills, ensuring your data, private networks, and business internet are secure is of critical importance. The Australian Government including the Department of Defense is focusing efforts towards curtailing these crimes. iCT Group has a comprehensive plan to help you protect your network. We offer secure Private and SD-WAN data network solutions depending on your business requirements.

    iCT Group’s managed IT is second to none. We offer access to expert engineers and technicians committed to helping you grow your business. Making sure you get an excellent return on your investment is our priority. We offer Level 1 helpdesk and cloud computing solutions to keep everything running smoothly. You can have peace of mind knowing your future is secure with us.

    Threats surrounding cybersecurity have raised alarms within computer rooms, and later inside boardrooms, and now it has become a matter of National Security involving the Department of Defence playing the primary role within the Australian Cyber Security Centre. The Government has recognised that cybercrime requires not only a whole-of-government approach, but industry involvement as well. Talk to us about how we can assist your organisation in improving its security cybersecurity posture.


    Our History


    The iCT Group Difference

    iCT Group partners with some of the most prolific industry leaders imaginable to create the best service for our clients. Our partnerships with Telstra, Microsoft, Cisco and others enable us to deliver the most powerful and comprehensive information and communications technology solutions for your business. The work we do for you is unique and fresh, just like your business. We will never force your company to fit into a mould made for someone else’s business.

    When you decide to work with iCT Group, you are getting more than a cutting-edge organisation that will create top-of-the-line tech solutions for your company. You also have a partner who offers ongoing support to face the ever-changing landscape of business technology.

    Wide Range of Partners

    Wide Range Of Partners

    We work with some of the largest companies in the World to tailor an ICT business solution for you and your company.

    Industry Experts

    Industry Experts

    Our team are experts in a wide range of IT solutions and practices, meaning we can provide exactly what you need.

    Australian Owned & Operated

    Australian Owned & Operated

    We are proud to offer our expertise to our valued clients here in Australia from our Sydney base.


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