Who is ICT Group?

ICT GROUP is a dynamic organization of experienced IT professionals. Our goal is to be the leading ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) service provider across the mid-market to enterprise level companies, and our mission is to provide outstanding customer service. Our sales and account management team works closely with customers and vendors to deliver solutions on time and on budget. This has allowed us to build long-term relationships and achieve high customer satisfaction ratings.

ICT Group are focussed on building long term business relationships. We want to see our customers grow and achieve their strategic goals. Our technical expertise and industry knowledge allow us to design IT solutions that marry up with business outcomes and are backed by competence and experience. With the recent addition of new digital products like Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence, we plan to work on large-scale digital transformation projects.

Our Services Lines of Business

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Digital Solutions v2

The Business Challenge

Technology and communication are becoming more important to all businesses. The workplace and business environment for trade have changed, and are moving rapidly. To stay competitive, businesses must have future-ready IT products and have experienced IT providers to help them. IT departments on their own are finding it hard to maintain basic IT requirements whilst also being required to understand and manage high level IT Tasks and planning.


Businesses are being challenged by fast moving and game changing new entrants who are able to leverage agile business processes supported through cloud based technologies. Similarly new businesses are unlikely to invest in new hardware or in IT departments.


A comprehensive strategic IT plan is a big step to being on top of the technology developments and optimizing business opportunities. Lastly an engaged, dynamic IT partner is essential to keep pace with change. That’s where we come in.

With the convergence of information, communication and technology in today’s world, ICT Group is best positioned to provide most strategic Digital Solutions for your business