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The truth about cloud migration with Microsoft Azure

Benefits of ICT Written by iCT Group Team Apr 08, 2024

The cloud is no longer a fantastical science-fiction concept of tomorrow. Instead, it is an essential business tool with the power to streamline operations, boost collaboration and adapt to changing demands. Though this indicates an exciting future, for many it can seem unknown and even daunting. For those unfamiliar with the truths of the cloud,

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Cloud services are flexible, scalable, and secure. You have the advantage of choosing the services you need, exactly when you need them.

Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Services

Benefits of ICT Written by iCT Group Team May 02, 2023

Have you ever sent yourself an email with an attachment from your home computer and accessed it in the office the next day? That’s the basic cloud storage. It’s the earliest form of cloud computing where you save attachments in your inbox and access them on another device. The cloud has been around for more

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cyber security solutions

Protecting Your Business With Cyber Security

Cyber Security Written by iCT Group Team Mar 02, 2023

Over the past decade, technology and the internet have experienced tremendous growth, proving an essential asset for small businesses globally. It has helped increase sales, attract customers, and promote brand coverage and recognition. However, it has also brought an array of cyber threats that put many businesses at risk of losing clients or closure. These

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Understanding why you need an IT services provider is rooted in the benefits they can offer your business and support your business goals.

The Guide to Why You Need Managed IT Services

Benefits of ICT Written by iCT Group Team Jan 20, 2023

Like every other business, you most likely utilise technology tools, such as customer relationship management software and social media schedulers. These tools have their unique uses and purposes, such as tracking leads, building brand visibility, and improving cash flow.

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SD-WAN and MPLS are both designed to provide reliable, high-performance, and confidential network connectivity.

SD-WAN vs MPLS – The Complete Guide

Cyber Security Written by iCT Group Team Dec 02, 2022

As organisations expand and crisscross the globe, the challenge of connectivity also grows. IT teams must build networks that adhere to guidelines and reasonably low costs. At the same time, the teams must find a way to meet an organisation’s expectations for security, reliability, functionality, and ease of use. These challenges become magnified when factoring

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The Essential Eight mitigation strategies focus on achieving different objectives to help organisations counter cyberthreats.

The Essential Eight Maturity Model Protects Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security Written by iCT Group Team Oct 06, 2022

If you own a business, you need to know if your company is ready in the event of a cyber-attack. Having a false sense of security is relatively common, especially among smaller businesses that mistakenly believe that cybercriminals only target larger businesses.

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Why Using Information Communication Technology ICT is a Must

Why Using Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a Must

Benefits of ICT Written by iCT Group Team Aug 17, 2022

The vast array of online connections that keep us in touch practically anywhere on the globe makes technology once dismissed as science fiction into everyday reality. Most people spend little time considering the immense collection of working parts involved in maintaining the network. However, those who keep these wheels turning are indispensable, especially if you

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