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Are you still handling voice calls from your customers? If you have low customer retention, the reason could be poor customer support. Today’s consumers want a fast response, or they look elsewhere. 

Jeeves.Plus is the number one messaging platform that lets you provide multilingual communication with your customers. You can streamline all of your social messaging channels (such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Multilingual Webchat, Google Business Messenger and Telegram) and SMS into one customer service platform. Send a welcome text automatically, a delivery or shipping notification, or respond to their queries, no matter where they may be.

Jeeves.Plus is more than a messaging platform. You can get to know your customers through conversation, collect data on their FAQs, track your operator’s performance, whilst reducing your costs and increasing efficiencies.

It’s a game-changer to your customer service strategy.

The numbers are staggering:

  • Over 3 billion smartphone users worldwide
  • 8 in 10 Australians own a smartphone
  • The average Australian spends 5.5 hours daily on their smartphone

How does your phone staff deal with the overwhelming number of calls your business receives on a daily basis? Jeeves.Plus helps you improve customer communication by eliminating or at least reducing the pain of phone conversations and the high fees associated with them. With 95% of text messages getting read within three minutes, the time is now to make the switch from voice to messaging customer support. Here’s why:

How Can Help You help you

Improve customer retention and click-through rates without breaking the bank.

Seamless Tracking

Seamless Tracking:
Say goodbye to manual data collection with Jeeves.Plus where you can gather data from all customer interactions.

Streamlined Messaging:
Reach your customers on Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, and more with just one messaging platform.

Create a messaging platform based on your services and industry, whether government, corporate or hospitality.

Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast Messaging:
Spread the word faster than ever. Imagine how much growth you can achieve when you can send out up to 100,000 messages every three minutes.

Automatic Language Translation:
Overcome language barriers with Jeeves.Plus’ auto-translation services for Korean, Swedish, Spanish, French, and 105 others.


It Work

Switching from voice to text messaging does not have to be complicated. With Jeeves.Plus, it all starts with a message. Using the messaging platform, here’s how you can reach out, gain, and retain more customers:

  • Broadcast the message you would like your customers and contacts to receive, such as upcoming events, special discounts, and new product launches. Import their names and numbers with just a few clicks into your Jeeves.Plus account.
  • Let customers know they can reach you through text by putting your messaging number on your website.
  • Is your website still in construction or currently down? Don’t worry; use QR codes in your physical business (if you have one). Place them on your website, as well.
  • If a customer responds to your broadcasted message, a live operator can initiate a conversation with them.
  • Easily cater to non-English speakers with Jeeves.Plus auto-translate function.
  • Get attractive customer outcomes and save relevant data on the customer database.
Social Channels

A Working

Case Study

Jeeves’plus has a plethora of uses, Fairmont Resort implemented SMS messaging for in-room guests to use. This allowed Fairmont to create a list of FAQs that could help answer guest enquiries. This helped reduce the overall workload from calls drastically, helping to run the business more efficiently, while still providing guests with the answers they need.

The Jeeves.Plus


Sms Opened


SMS Opened Compared to 20% Emails

Texts That Are Read


Texts that are read & responded to w/n 3 minutes

Customers Who Have Gained Value From Sms Loyalty Programs


Customers who have gained value from SMS loyalty programs

Customer Who Wants Offfers Send via Sms


Customer who wants offfers send via SMS

State of SMS Business Use

Reference – July 2 2022 – Shivanjali Pawar – Digital marketing Expert – Enterprise Apps Today







App Notification


App Notification

Direct Email


Direct Email

Consumer Preferred Channels For Receiving Updates

Reference – July 2 2022 – Shivanjali Pawar – Digital marketing Expert – Enterprise Apps Today


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