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iCT Group is an industry leader and innovator in the information and communication technology sector. We are passionate about creating solutions for the issues our clients experience, and we work tirelessly to help our clients’ companies grow. Team members at iCT Group use their creative expertise to optimise clients’ technology and help manage the technical aspects of clients’ systems.

We proudly work alongside some of the top technology innovators, including Microsoft, Telstra, and Cisco. Our clients benefit from our associations as we are in the unique position to apply the top-of-the-line technological advances from these companies to our clients’ situations.

Our History
iCT Group Has Applied the Principles of Integrity, Hard Work, and Creativity to Our Business.
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Our History

Since day one, iCT Group has applied the principles of integrity, hard work, and creativity to our business. Over the years, our company has grown and evolved, but our mantra “Committed to Excellence” has stayed the same.

iCT Group has a long history of being innovators and industry leaders, treating our clients with respect and creating solutions to optimise the technology that drives our clients’ businesses.

Even as we build upon our past, the iCT Group looks toward the future. Maintaining a solid commitment to building systems that can adapt and be built upon as clients’ needs and technological advances warrant.


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When you choose to work with iCT Group, you are choosing to work with an industry leader recognised for the creative solutions they bring to their clients. Our team go above and beyond traditional conventions and delight in exceeding expectations. Whether you need assistance optimising the technology you have or you are looking to overhaul your company’s information and communication technology, the innovators at iCT Group will create what you need.

We also excel at bolstering your security, enhancing your mobile services, keeping your data safe in the cloud, and a host of other services, all geared to provide you with the most comprehensive services available.

Our Team Go Above and Beyond Traditional Conventions and Delight in Exceeding Expectations


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