The cloud is no longer a fantastical science-fiction concept of tomorrow. Instead, it is an essential business tool with the power to streamline operations, boost collaboration and adapt to changing demands.

Though this indicates an exciting future, for many it can seem unknown and even daunting. For those unfamiliar with the truths of the cloud, cloud migration can feel like an overly complex responsibility with no clear gain. Research shows that many business leaders believe costs are too high, and that moving to the cloud will take away their decision-making power. There is often a lack of understanding of how the cloud works and the ways it can be used to enhance business processes, largely due to common cloud myths.

In truth, the reality of the cloud is much more optimistic. For example, Microsoft Azure contains thousands of useful applications that can help manage, streamline and grow businesses while possessing a cost-effective and stress-free onboarding process. This makes it as easy as possible to migrate to the cloud.

So, despite what you may have heard, here are the truths about cloud migration and the ways it can help your business.

TRUTH: maintaining and updating your current systems is more expensive than migrating to the cloud

Despite some initial up-front costs, Azure migration will empower you to reduce expenses related to your operations over time. You will have access to automatic updates and software, along with cost management and analysis tools that allow you to understand the costs of being in the cloud. The cloud will also enable you to set spending thresholds, identify ways to change your workloads to optimise costs and access automated tools to improve your business processes. With Azure’s Microsoft Cost Management monitoring and reducing spend, you could save up to 34% in your first year.

Not only that, the ongoing costs of Azure will be much less than the maintenance of legacy systems and physical IT infrastructure. The technology of today possesses more capabilities that need more processing power. While this can be easily managed by the cloud, aging legacy systems often struggle to keep up with the demands of new technology and software.

So, by staying with your current system you will likely find yourself spending more on CPU, memory and other resources just to perform simple tasks. Ultimately, nostalgia will cost you and keep you from reaching your full potential.

TRUTH: your business will have strong cyber defences in the cloud to help keep you protected from attack

Microsoft’s $1 billion annual investment into cyber security places Microsoft Azure as one of the most secure cloud platforms available. Well-equipped to keep your business safe and operational, Microsoft Azure is supported by a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts. With built-in disaster recovery and backup capabilities, it can reduce the impact and chance of downtime and data loss.

It also offers 99.95% availability to its users, along with 24/7 support and continual health monitoring from a network of data centres in more than 60 regions across the globe.

TRUTH: learning to operate in the cloud is simple and doesn’t take significant training or expert knowledge

While learning a new system will always need some level of onboarding, you don’t need to be an IT expert to operate Microsoft Azure. It’s designed to be user-friendly, helping businesses of all kinds flourish.

ICT group will even offer you tools to help make this process even easier. Benefit from subsidised Azure technical training through Microsoft Learning and accredited partners, access to a library of self-guided resources to support your unique needs, and step-by-step guidance from Microsoft Azure engineers.

TRUTH: Migrating to the cloud doesn’t need to be complex and downtime-heavy

While Azure will take the front seat in your business operations once you migrate, you don’t need to shut down your entire system to deploy it. You can mitigate major downtime with prior planning and a Microsoft Azure Cloud Assessment.

This assessment is an essential step as it will allow you to create a clear and achievable migration roadmap by reviewing your business data. The review will account for your strategies, workloads, costs and capacity.

ICT Group will then collate the findings into a detailed report and offer it to you, typically within 72 hours of the assessment. This will determine the best strategy for your business, whether it be over a few weeks with minor impacts, or a phased approach to move large data and minimise disruption.

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